5 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Whirlpool Bath

A new whirlpool bath can be a luxurious addition to your bathroom or an expensive mistake. You can make purchasing a whirlpool bath the best bathroom decision with a little prep work and some forethought.

A whirlpool bath should be something attractive and functional that adds to your home and to your life. While buying a whirlpool bath may not be difficult, it helps to think a little about where you are going to put the bath and what style you prefer before you go shopping.

  1. Find Out What Will Fit

Before you even start looking online or in a bathroom showroom at Whirlpool Baths, make sure you have an accurate idea of how much space you have for the bath. You need to consider the actual size of the bath along with space for the frame, and space around the bath for getting in and out, and putting a shelf or something to hold shampoo and soap.

You also need to find out the size of the door, or a removable window if you are on the first floor, so that you can be sure a bath tub will actually fit through the door into the room. It is obviously easier if you are building a bathroom from scratch as these considerations will not apply.

  1. Work With the Weight

Consider how heavy the tub will be when filled with water as your floor will need to support this weight, which can be considerably more than a regular bath tub. This is particularly crucial if your bathroom is upstairs.

  1. Think About Redesigns

Consider whether you will need to completely reconfigure the bathroom in order to fit in a whirlpool tub. For example, will you need to install separate plumbing or take out another bath? Think about whether you want to do this amount of work.

  1. Consider the Bath’s Usage

The type of whirlpool tub you choose may depend on how often you use it. If you are not going to be taking regular baths then you need a tub that is easy to keep clear of water and keep clean so that you don’t end up with mouldy jets. If you want to share the bath with a partner you should look at a two-seater model.

  1. Look at the Overall Design

Take a look at your bathroom and see if there is a style theme you want to continue, or decide whether you want your tub to really stand out. There are a range of different whirlpool baths available so you will be sure to find something to suit your style and needs.