Home cleaning tips

Once a person has a clear idea of his priorities about his values, goals and high power activities, he organizes them around. Hygiene and Cleanliness must be maintained if you want to live a healthy and hygienic life. When you know how to maintain cleanliness and hygiene at home or your workplace, it will not be an issue. Health is wealth. Health is the great blessing of Almighty.

Home is the beautiful place where we live and feel secure. Every one desires to have a beautiful house, good food, warm kitchen, nice rooms, home appliances and happy life. If you use them all, it is your responsibility to keep them all clean and hygienic. Remove the dust mounted on things as it can leave an allergy to suffer. Clean waste food as it may attract all destructive insects into your home. Remove waste materials and garbage; maintain your washrooms correctly, kitchens, and rooms.

Precaution is better than cure so one should take necessary precautions to protect oneself against several deadly diseases due to the unhygienic environment. So here are tips for keeping your home clean and hygienic.

Clean Bedroom

The bedroom is the place where we stay most of the time. Clean your room by maintaining all messy things; remove dust, clean windows, doors, tables, and couches in your room. Hang your clothes on hangers; put your dirty clothes into laundry bucket. Remove magazines, old water glasses and any item that you do not need at that time. Put them in the proper place.

Keeping a kitchen clean

Never sleep with a dirty kitchen. Before bed time make sure that kitchen is clean. Toaster, blender, and cooker, if only used weekly or less frequently, should be put away and place them correctly. Wash your dirty dishes, set them on a rack to dry. After that, you must clean your sink with soap. It will take a few minute to complete.

Spray a kitchen cleaner on table tops and counters and appropriately rub it down with a cloth towel or clean paper. Remove the dust and spots from the kitchen floor. Use a spray cleaner and wipe with a cloth towel.

If there are food wrappers or visible dirt, remove it immediately from the floor. Dust bin must be existent in the kitchen and clean it daily before it builds up later.


Keeping a bathroom clean

Use a glass cleaner and spray it on the mirror to remove the spot if it has. Wipe it with a cloth towel. Also, clean the sink and tub. Clean the tub edges properly. You should clean toilet seat and border in last.  Scrub the toilet bowl with a bathroom brush. Spray an all-purpose cleaner on the shower doors or curtains; wipe it with a clean and dry cloth.

Living room

Use the hand-held vacuum to pick up any dirt on the floor. Also clean the surfaces of dining table, sofas or chairs with a clean cloth to remove prints and stain. Put away any toys, books, games or any other items.

Entrance Way

To stop the dirt to spread in your home, use the mats at the front of your home’s door. Try to use two mats to avoid dirty floors. The pendant placed at the entrance way should be clean with cleaner and wipe it carefully.

Remove anything that you do not need at that time

Whatever is in your home that you are not using, put everything in boxes. You can donate it, sell it, waste it but just get rid of them. Put shoes away, hang up coats and school bags up, so forth.

Home Cleaning in Desert

If you do not prepare yourself for desert, living there can be harsh. Arizona has all kinds of desert weather that might surprise you. Here are ten tips that can keep your desert home maintenance on track.

Check your home interior and exterior. Desert is the hot place, and it can damage all parts of your home. Check your roof, furniture or items that can crack or weaken by the sun shines. To protect from such as problems, used shades or shutters for your windows to control sunlight coming into your home.

Check your air conditioner regularly. You need to make sure that it works correctly or not. Having a professional come to see once a year or so. In the summer heat, you want to keep your cold air inside. Check your seals and make sure it is working well or not. Fluorescent lights should be used in desert’s home because it produces less heat than light bulbs.

Keep all your opening fans in good working order to help keep down stickiness. Keep your gutters clean and clear. Also, check them for cracks and holes and repair them regularly.

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