How to have an Industrial Style Theme in Your Home with a Few Key Pieces of Furniture and Décor 

Industrial style furniture is all the rage today, but in fact, it’s been around for ages – we just haven’t been aware of it. In fact, what we call industrial style or vintage style furniture is simply a unique combination of the old and the new, from distressed tables and chairs to reclaimed wood shelving, exposed metal lighting fixtures, and more. Some of us may even have created our own unique pieces of industrial style or vintage style furniture or décor and we just didn’t know it! If you’ve ever sanded an old wooden study table to expose the unfinished, raw wood underneath, then you’ve created your own industrial style furniture piece. But if you’re looking to transform your home with an entirely industrial or vintage style theme, there are a few key pieces you should take advantage of.

A wooden table

An industrial or vintage style home will always have a wooden table or two, be it a dining table, a bedside table or nightstand, or a coffee table. As you may already know, wood has always been a predominant material in the industrial style, and you should have at least one wood table in your home which can serve as a nice focal point or centrepiece.  If you want a more vintage or industrial look, go for a dining table with a wood surface combined with metal legs. You can also make use of wooden benches for your dining table or make use of metal stools which have a unique design – and are perfect for limited spaces as well.

The importance of the right chairs

Chairs can also make a world of difference if you want your home to have an industrial theme. Wooden chairs are, of course, an obvious choice, as are metal chairs or stools. You can also choose some comfortable vintage or industrial style armchairs which are ideal for placement in your living area, den, or bedroom. There are indeed some lovely armchairs in these kinds of styles which can certainly lend a great degree of personality and ambience to any room.

Decorative pieces

When creating an industrial style or vintage style home, don’t forget your decorative pieces. More often than not, they can make or break a room. Vintage home accessories are plentiful if you know where to look, and they can range from beautiful china with intricate patterns to rustic cabinets, brass picture frames, cushions with unique prints, copper or golden-coloured mirrors, framed sepia prints, ‘old’ show posters, wooden street signs, and a lot more. When looking for industrial or vintage style décor, think unconventional pieces and materials such as brushed steel, ropes, metal pendant lights, and woolen rugs in subtle, natural hues. Happy decorating!