Some Top Tips to Maximise a Self Storage Service

Self storage facilities are often the perfect solution to ensure your personal items are safe and sound during a move, during a renovation or refurbishment, or when your present residence doesn’t have enough space to accommodate all your items at the moment. Whether they are a matter of necessity or practicality, it’s good to know great self storage facilities are there to service us.

However, finding the right storage facility is just the start. Making sure your belongings are prepared well and packing them the right way is another very important part of the process. Are you planning to store your items away from home for a while? Here are some tips to maximise a self storage service.

Select the right facility

Whilst it may seem like too much extra effort, it’s wise to make an inventory of all the items you wish to store – the more detailed this list is, the better you’ll be off. This will ensure that you can keep track of all the property, but it will also allow you to choose the right facility in terms of volume (space available to store items in) as well as in terms of temperature control (humidity and temperature are often important factors to consider).

Preparing your items

Here are some basic things to consider when it comes to preparing your items:

  • Clothing, linens, and carpets

Your clothing should be clean, freshly washed, and completely dry. Any dust or dirt may attract bugs or pests that can ruin them. Clothes are best stored in wardrobe boxes; don’t enclose them in plastic bags, as this traps the moisture in. Carpets and linens should also be thoroughly cleaned to ensure the absence of moth eggs or any other potential threats.

  • Breakables

Bubble wrap and cloth are a good way to protect breakables such as miniature statuettes, plates, or other forms of crockery. Make sure you mark the boxes well, and don’t place any boxes on top of them.

  • Furniture and appliances

Clean them well. Disassemble as much as you can, and wrap each piece individually. Wrap all cords and wires to avoid accidents, and store screws and bolts in bags with neat labels.

Two more things need to be mentioned. First of all, make sure you make an inventory of all your items, and label the boxes or other kinds of packaging well. It will ensure you keep track of everything in a systematic and ordered manner, as any professional from a Gloucester self storage facility like Advanced Removals & Storage will tell you. Secondly, create order out of chaos when it comes to arranging your storage space. Place the heaviest objects on the floor, the lighter objects on the top. Larger boxes belong near the wall (but leave space between the box and objects for air circulation). Make it work in a good way.